Friday, February 5, 2010

Twilight---an interesting conversation.

This is a fantastic article pertaining to Twilight.  Check it out!!

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Joyful Wife said...


I read this article as well and it really is excellent! I have so much appreciation for the way the Botkin sisters broke down this topic and applied scripture as the lens to view this through.

I especially thought they did a great job explaining the dangers of "Emotional Pornography" in books and movies and how a girl is affected by reading and watching certain types of things. I know was convicted, and thought back to the past when as a young lady I would read certain christian books that had some romance in them that I know have the wisdom to know led me astray in some of my thoughts and even in my expectations of what to desire in a husband.

As you are probably well aware, we (through our mom's loving guidance) always tried hard to guard our hearts and reading material growing up, but the heart is easily led astray.

I am going to be even much more careful about the books that Esther reads growing up. :)

Love your sis,