Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Toward Inclusion: Lesbians sue doctor

I just read this article on a case of fertility treatment for lesbians. There was a particular lesbian couple who wanted to have babies. They went to a fertility doctor, who was a Christian, and he told them that their lifestyle couldn't allow them to have babies. However he did offer them fertility medication and also recommended some other doctors who didn't have any moral standards to go by. So you would think that this couple would be thankful for the doctors advice. That was not the case. They sued the doctor, his medical establishment, and won! Here is a quote from the article written by one news now website.

The statement issued by North Coast was encouraging, said Jennifer Pizer, Benitez's attorney. "It shows a journey that our whole society is taking together, away from intolerance and towards inclusion," she said.

"Toward inclusion!!!" So what about the rapist, pedophiles, polygamist,child abusers, or murderers? Shouldn't they be included too? Does this not strike a nerve? Can we not see the double standard that is being presented? These people say they are being inclusive, yet at the same time they are excluding the Christian worldview. Is it because we have become a nation described in Romans 2. That God has given us over to our own selves. That we have allowed our hearts to be hardened that we no longer rely on God's truth but seek man's truth. I think we need to return to what the apostles were teaching in Acts. To stop our idolatry (relying on our own ways), turn to God (look to Christ, God in flesh), and repent (in the turning process to God, we don't by God's grace turn back to those idolatrous things, but continuously run toward the cross).

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