Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The End Is Coming???

In many evangelical circles Christians believe that Christ is soon to return. Now I’m not the type to put a sign, create a neto t-shirt, or even design a great slogan to convince people of it. However I have lately been pondering over the aspect of this message that gets portrayed with the idea that “Jesus is Coming Soon!”

First, it appears that many people are either lazy or apathetic when it comes to sharing the gospel because “Jesus is coming” and they have their ticket so they can sit back and relax. Second, we get so caught up in this idea that in the end things are just going to get worse and worse for Christians and it appears like this mentality of doom and gloom.

Generally I am not one to put myself out here like this but I do believe something needs to be addressed about these issues. First, we as Christians or Christ followers should shake off their apathetic ways and get back to the heart of the gospel of faithfulness and obedience (yeah I know what you’re thinking, “it sounds so simple just boil it all down in two words,” but it’s true). Second, could evangelical Christians wake up and smell the coffee. CHRIST HAS WON!!! He was victorious at the cross, and because of that price God’s kingdom will continue to go forth victorious. Why then do we hang our heads with this doom and gloom attitude.

Alas, I know this may not be read by many of views and will be lost out there in the cyberspace we call the internet, but if you’re out there reading this I hope you stop and take into consideration these thoughts.

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